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More feedback received from my clients…

I can’t recommend Nicola highly enough. A timely appointment followed by a thorough assessment which led to a manageable plan of action. I felt extremely relieved and positive after my first visit. I went away with a clear idea of what needed to be worked on, and my ‘homework’ was very specific, with the exercises we’d practiced during the consultation emailed to me on paper to ensure I got them right and didn’t forget – so no excuses at the next session!

There was no pressure to return for lots of sessions, and I had a good idea about what to expect in terms of improvement and what was required of me to achieve that. The fact that Nicola is also part of an NHS team at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital gave me the added confidence that she would be up to date with her training and professional development and aware of the latest professional advice and guidance. Apart from anything else, Nicola is good fun and down to earth.

EL, Kempley, June 2016

Nicola is both very experienced & highly skilled. This is not only in her ability to treat the physical problem but also in her help with the low spirits that can accompany flare-ups of chronic pain.

Anthony Trayton, September 2016

 Nicola is a great physio. She has a wealth of experience covering common and not so common injuries. She has an excellent diagnostic approach, carefully taking you through a rigorous set of questions and movements to ensure she fully understands the problem. From there, Nicola quickly identified the problem I had (of which there have been a number related mostly to Mountain Biking) and provides both excellent treatment and inter-treatment exercises simply explained and easy to carry out.

Nicola has a great treatment facility at Swan Cottage, but she only recommends further treatment when it’s needed. I’ve had three different injuries, all of which have been treated successfully by Nicola, and I’d have no hesitation in recommending her for any type of sports based or similar Injury.

A L, Yatton, January 2016

My GP recommended Nicola to me as I was suffering severe back spasms. Within a few days she had made the problem bearable and with the regime of exercises she gave me as homework I have been able to manage the weakness in my back so that I can continue life with a minimum of discomfort. She is not only very professional but dealt with my problem in a sympathetic and approachable manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Peter, Yatton

 I had been suffering with shoulder and neck pain progressively as a result of poor posture from long hours at my desk and in the car. A reason for the delay in having this looked into was the thought of having to work around structured appointments.

Nicola offered flexibility in treatment times to suit me and showed a real empathy to my work situation and lack of time.

Unlike physiotherapists I had seen in the past, Nicola took time to consult with me and to fully understand through questioning, the root cause so that she could not only deal with the pain, but give advice on future prevention. Where this differed mostly was in how thorough the initial consultation was and how she made me feel at ease and always considerate to work at my pace.

Suffice to say, my problem was fixed and I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicola especially to anyone who may feel slightly uneasy about receiving physiotherapy for the first time.

Jamie, Much Marcle, Ledbury

My teenage son has received treatment from Nicola for football related injuries a couple of times over the past two years. Nicola is a true professional; she gets to the root cause of the problem very quickly and provides treatment and simple effective exercises for Toby so he can get back on the pitch at the earliest opportunity. Nicola’s ability and willingness to take a little extra time to explain to Toby why the injury has occurred, show him on a model or an illustration where the injury is and how he can overcome the pain has inspired Toby so much that he now wishes to follow in Nicola’s footsteps and study to become a physiotherapist himself.

RS, Little Marcle, May 2016

I first met Nicola when referred by my GP for upper neck pain and stiffness.
As my job involves working at a computer a lot, this was affecting my work and making me very tired at the end of the day.
It really wasn’t long before Nicola located the problem. Manipulating the vertebrae that were playing up proved to be exactly what was needed and now with a short top up from time to time, my ability to work at a screen for long periods has been completely transformed…it’s also helped a lot with long-distance driving to; another thing I have to do much of for my job.

What was so pleasing for me was that this injury had occurred years before when picking up the children when they were still small. I had just come to accept that I would have it for the rest of my life. It was incredibly pleasing to have it fixed by Nicola and has made a big difference to my life.

CB, Ross-on-Wye, October 2016

I forgot to thank you for seeing me back in April and at short notice. It made such a difference to me, getting some advice and treatment and I felt so much better that weekend. My knee is fine now, I had a few further sessions with another physio (who used to work with you in Gloucester) but I do see the benefit of getting help as soon as possible after an injury.

MH, Much Marcle

I am more than happy to write this testimonial for Nicola Johnson. She has not only treated myself, but also my husband and two teenagers over the past two years. Always very professional, compassionate and caring. Nicola adapts her explanation accordingly and really explains how the problem is occurring as well as manipulating the area needing treatment. Indeed I am still doing a very simple exercise that has so far prevented my problem reoccurring!
I have on numerous occasions recommended her to friends and colleagues.
Shan, Much Marcle, Ledbury 

I’ve had no hesitation in recommending Nicola’s physio treatment to others. Her flexible appointment times are much appreciated and I always get a set of exercises to keep me moving in between sessions.

John, Much Marcle